Dr. SAM CHACHOUA on "REAL TIME" tonight with evidence of a HIV Virus cure. Why do INDIVIDUALS seems to come up with these cures (photo of JONAS SALK) but rarely do they come from institutions? Is all the research money being wasted on DRUGS instead of actual CURES for the many diseases which still plague our world? WTF?

"Real Sports" with an expose on WEED and the NFL where it is banned but used by nearly 60% of the players to help with injuries, pain and a fear of addiction to pain killers. An ISRAELI researcher has found that blows to the head (in mice) recover faster with cannabis than any other drug. At DENVER'S MILE HIGH STADIUM, weed has replaced booze ridden tailgate parties and guess what? Fights are way down. GO BRONCOS!

Another left over from dinner out last night. An attendee told the "joke:" What does Florsheim Shoes and the Post Office have in common? 50,000 pairs of LOAFERS. WTF? I happen to like the POSTAL SERVICE despite its slowness often times. When we returned from 3 weeks in FL, our mail was neatly waiting for us in a box the next day. And where can you put a 49 cent stamp on an envelope and it be in CA in three days? 

Iowa is a pretty state (in the summer) and is now a "PURPLE" state with a wide diversification of voters but a state HEAVILY dependent on federal subsidies (took more in than they paid out last year). In 2004, DICK GEPHARDT won, in 2008, MIKE HUCKABEE and in 2012, RICK SANTORUM won. Only real winner was our PRESIDENT in 2008 & 2012. So WTF is the big deal?

Just back from a 3 week tour of the eastern sector of America. CONCLUSIONS? You don't get to see AMERICA from the intrastate. Folks in the SOUTH are much friendlier than the NORTHEAST. You can go for miles without seeing a house until you hit WASHINGTON D.C., heading NORTH and AMERICANS are too lazy to flush our own public toilets. WTF?

ON THIS 8TH DAY OF DECEMBER 1965, we witnessed a lunar eclipse, some from the back seats of parked vehicles at the Submarine Races.

THE SPYMASTERS: A Showtime documentary involving interviews with 12 former CIA DIRECTORS. Tidbits? From the time of the bin Laden bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the CIA had advocated a "para-military" invasion of Afghanistan to crush Al-Qaeda. This was ignored by the CLINTON administration and in June of 2001 when told "they are coming," CONDI RICE marginalized it. WMD in Iraq? "We were mistaken and wrong about their existence in our briefing to SOS Powell, before his United Nations speech," says former Director George Tenet. WTF??!!

ALICE WATERS, the owner of CHEZ PANISSE in CA since 1971, reports that 85% of today's children do NOT sit down at a family dinner at night. Alice has brought her culinary expertise to the classroom by starting school gardens and also beginning a campaign to "make food an education" by instituting a program where you speak Spanish when you are having Mexican food or other ethnic dishes. BRAVO ZULU!

FREEZING BALLS: On this day in October of 1965, the DODGERS beat the newly formed TWINS in the 7th game of the WORLD SERIES. They just started the LEAGUE FINAL SERIES and it may be snowing in CHICAGO (!!!!) for the WORLD SERIES if they all go SEVEN GAMES. WTF? No fun for players or fans. The PIG gets FAT, the HOG gets slaughtered.

GENE MCCARTHY: While I was in the military during the campaign of 1968, the emergence of BERNIE SANDERS reminds me of Gene McCarthy, who was a "peace candidate" after the unpopular LBJ did not run, RFK entered but was murdered in June and the CHICAGO CONVENTION debacle. While Bernie is a fun guy, I think he is a distraction to the eventual party's nominee: HILLARY CLINTON. And what happened in 1968? We got RICHARD NIXON. WTF? 

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