The former vice-president was the point man for the Bush Administration. On 9/11, BUSH had no idea what to do so Cheney took over, sending W flying around from airport to airport. When an airplane came close to the WHITE HOUSE in 2005, Dick Cheney was put in the bunker while W was in MD road biking. So when KATRINA came in 2005, they called in Bush, Brown, even Bill Clinton but THE BIG DICK was no where to be found. Just asking? WTF?

The Donald has always claimed he is funding his own campaign . . . whoops, not true for he has accepted many donations andtaken loans from his foundation which may be repaid with taxpayer dollars. 100 million to charity? Another lie . . . the Washington Post reports he counted 129 rounds of golf and non-use of owned property as charitable contributions. Wow, Repuks, are you serious with this guy? WTF?

PBS documentary on "WELCOME TO LEITH," deals with the tiny town (16 population) in NORTH DAKOTA being the site of white NAZI leader CRAIG COBB, who wished to take the town over for only WHITE folks. The town folk didn't appreciate his methods and had him arrested, evicted from his home and run out of town. Certainly don't stand with COBB, but where does free speech start and stop? WTF? 

Dr. Virend Somers of the MAYO CLINIC believes WATER can prevent heart attacks. DRINKING one glass before bed can reduce your chances of a stroke or a heart attack. 2 glasses upon waking, jump starts your metabolism, 1 glass before meals can help digestion. As running guru GEORGE SHEHAN once noted: "Water can probably cure what is wrong with you now or in the future."

After decades of doctors warning us about HDL and LDL levels of cholesterol while prescribing countless drugs to lower it (which can fuck with your kidneys), studies now show that your cholesterol count is NOT caused by what you eat. Since only half of heart attacks are caused by cholesterol blocked arteries as well, enjoy yourself! WTF?

On the strong possibility that a WOMAN will be nominated and elected to the PRESIDENCY, a hind look at the convention of 1972 may be illuminating. GLORIA STEINEM went head to to head with BETTY FRIEDAN regarding the leadership of the NATIONAL WOMEN'S POLITICAL CAUCUS and a running mate for GEORGE MCGOVERN. Friedan wanted SHIRLEY CHISHOLM (who didn't want it) and Steinem was upset with McGovern who seemed to brush aside women's concerns. SISSY FARENHOLD was eventually the choice but lost the bid. One wonders if the inner minds of American women, as a whole, are polarized, as it appears, to the Democratic front-runner NOW? 

Regardless of your politics, Huffington has become a SLEEP CZAR. Her recent book advocates more sleep for everybody. One NBA hoops star even made a record of his sleep relating to his number of fouls. 60% of us fall asleep with our cell phones in our hands. Not good . . . and while TRUMP and MARTHA STEWART brag about only needing 4 hours of sleep a night, the Greek gal says this is bullshit. One needs to slowly get ready for bed and then sleep 8 hours at least. One advantage? You have a 40% better chance of having sex if you are not sleep deprived. WTF?

An exasperating day with a touch of reality with CORPORATE AMERICA disturbing my karma. AT&T went paperless two months ago without my knowledge. No bill, no payment. I got a suspension letter today which quickly elevated my blood pressure and sent me to the dreaded phone maze. This follows yesterday's similar squabble with the health industry of whether a mammogram is covered under Medicare after receiving a $1,100 bill. While victorious in these battles, I know I will soon lose the war.

In the 34 years of running, I have run 17 marathons. I do not tell you this out of bravado because I hate the race. The training allows me to eat like a pig which I enjoy. I have experienced a dude dropping dead (but revived) at mile 22 in Houston to a spectator telling me (jokingly I hope) to get "my white honkie ass out of Harlem" in the NYC marathon. My Jammie ran the 2006 Marine Corps with me and wrote a best seller book about. Take a look . . . it makes me look like a goddamn Saint. Bravo Zulu.

I am totally into reading Nora Ephron these days after seeing her her documentary on HBO (done by her son). Nora was an intern under JFK and "was the only woman in the office, he didn't make a pass at." I was a sophomore in high school when he was shot . . . they dragged all classes in the gym and made the announcement like some pep rally? WTF? When we returned to our classes, via a scratchy intercom, they told us he had died. My male science teacher broke down and cried. Sad day for our generation and the weekend would only make it more surreal.

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