In this week's NEW YORKER MAGAZINE, writer EVAN OSNOS explores what The Donald would do in office. His staff calls it the FIRST DAY PROJECT and basically unravels the entire Obama administration with 25 points, some being repudiating the Paris climate change agreement, suspending all Syrian refugees to this country, reinstating the Keystone Pipeline and nullifying any background checks on gun sales. Scary? VOTE!

With all the hoopla of the upcoming debate(s), you would wonder if they actually make any difference? The political pundits thinks so but the political scientists are NOT so sure. A study from 1952 (with 1960 being the first debates) to 2008, shows very little surge or flop. Only in 1976, did we see Carter fly high after Ford stated "the USSR had no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe." Papa Bush looking at his watch (bored) and Gore "sighing" had little effect on the outcome although both lost.

An interesting interview with Washington Post reporter Dan Balz whose recent poll shows that 95% (!!!) of those interviewed, in both Blue & Red states, believe the election of either candidate "will hurt the well being of the country." WTF? Balz believes TRUMP must attract a big turnout among Blue collar workers for he is well behind among college educated voters, especially women. HRC's goal is to hold the swing states by making Trump appear "unacceptable" as a candidate.

On August 24, 2014, there was an earthquake at 3;30 a.m. in Napa Valley, CA. On August 24, 2016, yesterday, there was an earthquake in ITALY at 3:30 a.m. Both with the same type climates and both with equivalent severity. WTF Batman? 

At dinner last night with a bigwig partner at one of the big national accounting firms, he mentioned that we had TOO MANY PEOPLE in America now. WTF? Keynes in 1926 said: "The time has already come when each country needs a national policy about what size population." Two professors at Princeton believe that there is "carrying capacity of the ecosystem and also 'political, social & economic factors' should deem a manageable population." Since we are at 320 million with a 100 million additional expected by 2050, is it too late?

Last night, there was only the "EXPRESS LANE" open at the grocery store. It plainly states only 12 items or less. The guy in front of me has 14 items. "Can you NOT count, I ask," perturbed. "What are you, the Express Lane police?" He replied, a 30-something hedge funder. "No, I am the asshole police," was my lame response. The cashier told him to go scan his items on the self-service lane

Remember when you had a radio on button, heater vent, turn signal and wind shield wipers? WTF is all this shit? And why am I paying for it?

Out to dinner tonight at a fairly nice place which was somewhat busy. Three times in the middle of our foursome's conversation, the waitress interrupted to ask us a variety of inane questions. WTF?! Best waiter is one you don't know is there.

Originally started in the 80's for guys in prison who don't-didn't have belts, this fad needs to go away or close some prisons. WTF?

Ball caps have become popular but do you really need one while eating? Love you Jon Hamm but learn some manners and don't even get me started on texting.

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