CLINTON CRUSADE: KATHLEEN WILEY (pictured) accused horn dog President Clinton of "groping and kissing" her in a side office of the Oval Office in 1993 when she was a "volunteer aide." She waited 5 years to make this allegation, the same day her 2nd husband committed suicide. BUBBA was cleared of the charge but now WILEY, after writing a book on the subject, is going to "stalk HILLARY CLINTON until justice is served." She doesn't mention that she wrote the President 15 letters requesting a date. This bullshit about the Clintons, particularly HILLARY, needs to stop. It serves no purpose but to avoid any serious discussion of issues. WTF?

THE KENNEDYS = The latest installment revealed on "60 MINUTES" last night with PATRICK KENNEDY, the youngest son of TEDDY, fully admitting, in his latest book, both his parents were alcoholics and he a recovering drinker himself. I found the former Congressman from RHODE ISLAND refreshing stating" "There was more pain in hiding from it than fully admitting the problem." TEDDY walked out of a family intervention. Been there, done there . . . I don't preach about MY drinking debacle but more than willing to discuss it

JEB ON TAXES. The oldest BUSH BRO, despite being terribly counseled on the OREGON MURDERS, wants to eliminate many of the income tax brackets we all now endure. From 10% to 39.6%, we have seven (7) brackets in 2015. The maximum rate is applicable to income of $464,851 or more . . . so if you make 2 million$ a year, it would be the same rate as if you made approximately 1/4 of that? WTF? Time we faced facts: the only way to be fiscally responsible is to raise taxes on the rich and cut spending. We have been deficit spending since Vietnam.

WHO TO BLAME??? With all the political chatter and bullshit being promulgated by certain candidates, WHAT YA GONNA DO WILLIS? ASTROPHYSICIST NEIL de GRASSE TYSON says you shouldn't blame the politicians for "they are born to lie. Instead, you should focus on the numb nuts electorate who favor such bullshit and can't tell fact from fiction." And that is why, of course, we have FACEBOOK. WTF?

THE ART OF THE STEAL - THE DONALD has filed for CHAPTER 11 Reorganization relief FOUR TIMES: 1991, 1992, 2004 & 2008. The first involved the TAJMAHAL casino-hotel where he owed 3.4 billion and had to surrender the TRUMP PRINCES YACHT and TRUMP SHUTTLE to the banks. IT was TRUMP PLAZA next where he owed 550 million and the banks took away his salary, next was TRUMP HOTELS & CASINOS where he owed 1.8 billion and he lost controlling interest and finally in 2008, he owed 1.74 billion in debt on TRUMP ENTERTAINMENT RESORTS. How did he survive? JUNK BONDS . . . bend over, the art of the steal. WTF?

SYRIAN REFUGEES = As thousands attempt to flee war torn SYRIA, they are not exactly finding friendly reception in EUROPE who categorize them as "bums who don't want to work," said an ole POLISH LEADER. Turns out, refugees DO actually find work and raise the minimum wages in which they do and none have been extremists causing harm, says a recent NEW YORK TIMES investigation. And it turns, out EUROPE needs this influx of immigrants for they ARE negative in population growth. WTF?

HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS - Dick's Sporting Goods reports that, by 2020, 27% of all 21,000 public high school will NO LONGER have sports as extracurricular activity for the nearly 15 MILLION high school students in this country. I know some schools already require parents to pay for their kids to play sports. Since strong advances in INTEGRATION have come from sports, particularly in the DEEP SOUTH, I find this deeply disturbing. Many learn more on the playing fields than in the classroom. WTF?

VW = As an early fan of the VW BUG, the recent scandal, with the GERMAN manufacturer admitting to adding "defeat devices" on their diesel cars (2008-2015) which altered the emission testing of the vehicles some 10-40 times the bad crap they emit. Hardly atypical, the defunded EPA does not have the money to test all cars and leaves it to the manufacturer to present the accurate tests. Exposure to liability? Some 18 billion possibly . . they just hired the BP law firm . . . as the former CEO walked away with a 68 million$ golden parachute. WTF? 

POLITICS OVER RESPECT = While a confirmed atheist with little interest in the POPE as well, I WAS interested that three CONSERVATIVE CATHOLIC SUPREME COURT JUSTICES, SCALIA, ALITO & THOMAS did not attend the Pope's speech to the Congress. WTF? If you believe that the Pope is the messenger of God, why would you MISS such an opportunity? It would seem that their agenda trumps their religious beliefs which makes them hypocrites?

YOGI !!! THE MVP HALL OF FAMER YANKEE dead at the age of 90. My Jammie tells the story of meeting YOGI in a preseason game in 1960 between the SENATORS and YANKEES in DC with JOHN GLENN as her escort. They visited the dugout after the game and she "instantly had a crush on YOGI." While not the most attractive man, he was certainly the most genuine. I don't take offense to playing second fiddle to HER YOGI. Best quote? "If you don't go to people's funerals, they won't come to yours." May peace be with you YOGI BERRA

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