RACE TO THE BOTTOM? STUYVESANT high school in NYC is an elite secondary school in the Big Apple. Students? In 1970, 77% were WHITE and now 73% are ASIAN while Whites have slipped to 22% with BLACKS, LATINOS below 2%. DOD SCHOOLS have shown, with parental involvement, all races CAN score much the same and do equally as well. So WTF??

LeBRON = DESPITE the Tour de France and British Open, LeBRON JAMES' return to Cleveland is the biggest SPORTS' news of the day. The 29 year old, who just earned his college degree, makes 19 million a year and when, first signed, visited with WARREN BUFFET on an investment portfolio. Damn smart for an 18 year old. BUT attempting to put a championship team together in CLEVELAND by personally recruiting TOP RATE players seems a tad wrong to me? WTF?

PROTECT AND SERVE = Stealing a NEW RULE from Maher, violent crime is at a record low in this country, down 43% since 1990. We have 780,000 POLICE OFFICERS in this country or about 245 per 100,000 people. Other countries have more than that but few are armed like our police departments. Some rural areas have TANKS and the SWAT situations have increased from a 1,000 a year to 1,000 a week here. A tad OVERKILL since the days of Andy & Barney and COPS who moonlighted as PAL baseball umps. WTF?

VAMPIRES = Our fascination with "immortal beings with an insatiable hunger for blood" boggles my mind. From folk legend to literature to the cinema to television, "True Blood," "Vampire Diaries" to "Buffy" and "Ultraviolet" clutter our boob tubes. Dr. Belissa Vranich thinks it is because we can relate to their characteristics: loners, minimalists,cool, fangs (WTF?), intelligence, power, lack of fear and bad boy image. Sounds like the next JACK REACHER BOOK???

NO ROOM AT THE INN? With 180,000 Central Americans along with 12+ million UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS looking for refuge here in the land of the free, is there room??? According to WORLD BANK studies, we have 324 million inhabitants or about 84 per square mile. China is 3 times our size with 365 per square mile. Matter of fact, the damn WORLD could live in the 268,581 square miles of Texas. CHILL! WTF?

ALL STAR GAME = The game used to be the highlight of my summer (even attending the 1960 game) but now it seems all FLUFF & LITTLE STUFF. Interesting parallel: BUD SELIG is retiring along with DEREK JETER. Both products of the mid-90's. BUD actually tried to shut down the MINNESOTA FRANCHISE (tonight's home) back when until a federal judge interceded. But OH WHY OH WHY do we need these enormous flags?? WTF?

CELEBRITY WORSHIP = We are a country full of worshipers to the FAITH OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. CNN'S MORGAN SPURLOCK ("Super Size Me") spent a week as a member of the PAPARAZZI tracking celebrities like hunters for big buck photos. He caught one of KIM KARDASHIAN, earning only 70 bucks. It turns out KIM actually has a deal with certain agencies and alerts them to her whereabouts and gets a kickback from selling price of photos. WTF?

NOSE PICKING = According to the "UNCYCLOPEDIA," nose picking is more prevalent in the USA than any other country. Little known facts for "POINTERS": Consumption of certain foods will effect the taste of mucous (cayenne pepper, garlic & Capn' Crunch cereal); Adults, 18-55 with prosthetic hands are 72% less likely to POINT: Finger Nail polish is no health risk to pointers; Adults with nose rings are less likely to POINT; and Tim Brookman of Alaska holds the record for mucous withdrawal: 3.2 ounces. WTF?

THUMB SUCKING = Most of us stop sucking our thumb by the age of 8 but there are an estimated 300,000 ADULT THUMB SUCKERS (ATS) in the United States alone. Studies have shown strong tendencies of emotional neglect by parents and also ALCOHOLISM among fathers of ATS "victims." Never much of a SUCKER in my youth but I did like to bite? WTF?

MEDICATIONS = The PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY is alive and well with 340 billion $$$$ in sales and AMERICANS comprising 1/3 of all their sales. LIPITOR, PLAVIX, NEXIUM & ADVAIR lead the way. 7 OUT OF 10 AMERICANS take one prescription a day and 50% of us take two or more. XANAX is the leading drug on the streets of NYC. Doctors don't heal anymore, they prescribe pills to minimize the symptoms. WTF?

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