Studies show that kids up to 8 or 9 years of age still believe in ole Saint Nick. Fun time! My brother, when I caught my mother putting a quarter under my pillow one morning after losing a tooth, blabbered "And there is no SANTA EITHER!" But I never wrote SANTA . . probably why I never got what I wanted for Christmas. WTF?

If the photo of the family is not enough, the letter, often enclosed with the CHRISTMAS USPS cheer, is more times than not, BORING! We don't care how little Jimmy made MVP of his youth soccer league and Jennifer loves Wheaton nor the promotion at work that sounds too much like a demotion!!! WE want to see how old you have gotten in a year, that is all. WTF?

My mother, circa 1960's, used to hand write over 200 cards each year to all my father's business cronies. It was the thing to do. Not so much any more but HALLMARK reports over 1.3 billion cards are sent each holiday, average 30 per household. We now send them only if we receive one from you! Sans the dogs, the annual photo seems not so much fun. WTF? 

A Houston gal, ELIZABETH HOLMES, became the first female billionaire in 2005 after founding THERANOS which manufactured quick blood testing. She raised over 735 million bucks after dropping out of STANFORD, at age 19, and gained acceptance by WALGREENS who intended to use the blood testing in all their stores. But damn it, one thing was missing: IT DIDN'T WORK causing many patients false alarms. The government shut the testing down and HOLMES, owner of 50% of the stock, is fending off law suits. WTF? 

Since we have over 8,000+ bridges in shit condition in this country, TRUMP'S plan to rebuild them with a ONE TRILLION dollar deal sounds good. Today he appointed ELAINE LAN CHAO, age 63, former Labor Secretary under W and married to MITCH MCCONNELL, as head of Transportation. While it sounds good, many feel that WE lack the skilled workers to do the work with 5% unemployment and a spending package in Congress may not be easy to pass? WTF?

"New York is where it is going to begin.The locust population reaches a certain density, they turn savage and swarm. One day, two strangers will meet at high noon in the middle of New York. But this time, they will not stop and snarl. Instead, old ladies will crack skulls with their deadly handbags. Cars will plunge down the crowded sidewalks. Drivers will be torn out of their cars and stomped. It will spread to all the huge cites of the world and by the dozen and by dawn of the next day, there will be a horrid silence of sprawled and tumbled vehicles, gutted buildings and a few wisps of smoke." John D. MacDonald, 1964

While only a day late, hope you enjoyed your CYPER DAY . . . sounds like some form of the ebola virus? Actually, to my naivete, it started in 2005 by some marketing firm to promulgate online signs by smaller retailers who could not compete on BLACK FRIDAY. Last year, 2015, $3 billion of sales were enjoyed BY merchants. Why don't we have the 25 days leading to CHRISTMAS also designated . . . by the 24th, we will enjoy SUCKER SATURDAY. WTF?

While the "footprint" for plastic Christmas trees from China or real ones from Quebec may be much the same, there are some advantages of a real tree. For one, they support a 1 billion dollar USA industry and some 12,000 family owned businesses. There are over 400 million trees here with only 10% harvested each holiday season but they ain't cheap and some folks are allergic so FAKE OR REAL, as us Boomer teens used to ask? WTF?

Considering the xenophobic tone present in the rhetoric here, this is good story of diversity. HARNARAYAN SINGH, of PUNJABI heritage living among the 1.1 million other Indians in CANADA, has become a broadcast megastar announcing hockey games out of Calgary. Referring to the puck as a "aloo tikii" and other such great descriptions, he has become a delight of his audience and also turned on kids of his heritage to the game. Bravo Zulu!!

At Thanksgiving dinner, I was introduced to folks by the hostess as the "writer who has abnormal sleeping habits." WTF? While it is true that I do work at night and find it far more productive than during the distracting day, I found out that I am not alone. More than 30 million Americans work the "graveyard shift." Once the plight of the blue collar workers, now it has spread to nearly every profession. So NO early morning leaf blowers please!

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