LAZINESS = We AMERICANS are so lazy we need to an automatic toilet to flush and a blower to dry our hands; we need a drive-through to get our fast food and/or bank; our cars now parallel park for us; our various user names are punched in for us saving our fingers and now it is reported we work 26 minutes less a day than we did in 2007. WTF?? Now wonder 33% of us are obese.

PUBLIC LIBRARIES = We have 120,096 libraries in this country. 54% of us, 16 or older, use the library at least once a year and there has been an increase by 32% visits and 16% in book lending in the past ten years. We have a wonderful library in WeTSpot here in CT but I don't find the solitude of my college and law school days when I nearly lived in the library? Plus I like to buy and give books to friends. Great gift. You have to buy mine!

WOMEN IN SPORTS = Sarah Spain, of, in a stinging commentary on men's evaluation of WOMEN based on their looks alone. "We don't like TOM BRADY because of his looks only, women should be judged on their performance in their sport, not how they look. Who cares about the First Lady's biceps." We men are such pigs. WTF?

RUNNING = Despite joint issues, you will live THREE YEARS longer if you run, according to a NORTHWESTERN University study of 50,000 individuals over a 15 year span. EVEN short runs a week "reduce one's mortality risk by 30%" which is contrary to the government's suggested 75 minutes of vigorous exercise a week. RUN FORREST RUN!!

CESAR CHAVEZ = ON THIS day in 1970, CHAVEZ and his UAW settled their five year strike with the grape growers of CA. Chavez was born in YUMA but his family lost their farm in the Depression and migrated to CA to "work the fields." With a battle beginning in 1961, with advocate RFK, and REAGAN- NIXON as bitter opponents, Chavez endured a 25 day hunger strike to insure his members of non-violence and overcome wages as low as $2.00 a day. "Social change can not be undone."

NUCLEAR WEAPONS' WOES = While we hid under the desks in civil defense drills in the WONDER YEARS, our nuclear arsenal has reached 4,806 warheads now. WYOMING, MONTANA and NORTH DAKOTA have silos stored with weapons, all aimed at RUSSIA? Last year, the Vice-Admiral in charge was canned for gambling issues, the 2nd in command was fired for getting drunk in Russia and old computers (using big floppy discs) will institute any attack. Colin Powell's conclusion? "They are all useless." WTF??

POISON IVY - Known as toxicodendren radicals, both poison ivy and poison oak grow through much of the United States. It is estimated it affects nearly 14 million YANKEES every summer. The plants, which are not really an ivy, give off URUSHIOL which infects your skin. I used to get it every summer in the woods of Westport (many now gone) but got my worse case at Houston Country Club. My whole face ballooned like a pumpkin. Cure? I found a salt water swim helps it dry it faster than any cream. Don't scratch!! 

CHOLESTEROL SCAM = Along with SUN SCREEN and RECYCLING, I think cholesterol is one big hoax. For one, only 50% of all heart attacks are indirectly tied to cholesterol and there are new studies which indicate HIGH LDL isn't linked to any cardiovascular disease. The relatively new cholesterol issue is the latest money maker for the drug companies. Take B-3 and RUN FORREST RUN.

SUMMER CAMP = 11 million American kids attend summer camp each year. Camps are a 15 billion dollar business with 12,000 camps (7,000 overnight with 9,500 affiliated with a religious or youth program). It employs some 1.5 million folks, many college kids. I went to Boy Scout Camp on Candlewood Lake, learned to swim, couldn't sleep and cut my knee open with a carving knife. Been there, done that.

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