Last night, there was only the "EXPRESS LANE" open at the grocery store. It plainly states only 12 items or less. The guy in front of me has 14 items. "Can you NOT count, I ask," perturbed. "What are you, the Express Lane police?" He replied, a 30-something hedge funder. "No, I am the asshole police," was my lame response. The cashier told him to go scan his items on the self-service lane

Remember when you had a radio on button, heater vent, turn signal and wind shield wipers? WTF is all this shit? And why am I paying for it?

Out to dinner tonight at a fairly nice place which was somewhat busy. Three times in the middle of our foursome's conversation, the waitress interrupted to ask us a variety of inane questions. WTF?! Best waiter is one you don't know is there.

Originally started in the 80's for guys in prison who don't-didn't have belts, this fad needs to go away or close some prisons. WTF?

Ball caps have become popular but do you really need one while eating? Love you Jon Hamm but learn some manners and don't even get me started on texting.

Men in the grocery store who can not seem to figure out what to BUY without consulting with their wives? WTF?

Eighty years ago, ADOLPH HITLER used the OLYMPICS for a show case of his new GERMANY before launching WWII, VLADIMIR PUTIN, with falling popularity, spent 50 billion$ to reveal his new RUSSIA before invading the UKRAINE several weeks later in 2014. The IOC approved both. Now, RIO threatens the athletes and spectators with pollution, epidemics and/or exploitation of the competitors while the IOC will bring in 4 BILLION DOLLARS. WTF?

The recent turmoil in TURKEY to overthrow the leadership of PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGEN (who instilled martial law via FACETIME!!) was, allegedly, instigated by FETHULLAH GULEN (photo) who lives in Saylorsburg, PA in a Worship Center. WTF? Has the world gone mad?

With the recent exchange of verbal volleyball from the father of CAPTAIN HUMAN KHAN and the ABC Stephanopolus' interview with the TRUMP retort, what IS "sacrifice" for the good ole USA? JOHN GLENN served this country for 47 years, many in harm's way, made some "bank," and has a solid pension. Is that comparative to someone who "created jobs, built buildings" and paid a ton of taxes?" The answer is subjective but this is the disconnect between our electorate stemming, I believe, from the inequality of wealth of our population

Anybody in military knows about "spit shining" one's boots and/or dress shoes but whatever happened to SHINING ONE'S SHOES? Occasionally you will see a mobile shoe shiner around but try to find SHOE POLISH in the store sometime. Lazy? Or nobody cares? Used to be you could tell a man by the shoes he wore. WTF? 

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