1995 CT, NJ, & NY state income tax returns, retrieved by the NEW YORK TIMES, reveal THE DONALD lost 961 MILLION DOLLARS in that year alone, in the midst of an economic boom in the United States. And 42 million of you all are going to VOTE for him? Why don't you write in BERNIE MADOFF instead?

This will be my TWELFTH Presidential election (which means I am old) but I have never witnessed such bombardment of campaign bullshit and polarization of the electorate. Bloomberg Politics says FL, NC, OH will decide it and white married or unmarried suburban FEMALES will decide those states. Seems simple? They have been wrong all year, why should we believe them now?

Wonder why that tuition bill keeps going up? Try the fact that AUBURN is paying three fired football coaches over 21 million a year NOT to coach. Seven other football programs are paying over 51.5 million to buy out coaches' contracts. MD eliminated 7 sports due to cost issues but paid their new football coach (and lose) six games. NOTRE DAME paid Weiss 19 million to leave. While the players get nothing and the NCAA worries about pawning championship rings by players who wanted pizza. WTF?

A recent study shows the reaction of KAEPERNICK'S refusal to stand for the national anthem follows party lines. A "REAL SPORTS''" poll shows that 76% of Republicans see the QB's actions as "disrespectful" while 72% of Democrats feel he has the "right to protest." As such and with similar reactions to our two candidates, we are a much divided polarized country with little or no agreement.

After a huge success with Trump Tower in the 80's, bankers stood in line to give TRUMP money. So he started buying casinos, hotels and golf courses but that went sour in the 90's. So the bankers met with Donald. "It seemed he didn't take economics or accounting in school," said one. But the bankers gave him an out. They put him on a 450K a month budget and took over his projects. At the end of the decade, Trump went public with his "Brand" name and made millions but the stock folded.. Trump's second out? Bankruptcy and then television with "Celebrity Apprentice" which made him look presidential? 

Some excitement finally brewing after all this polarizing political dog-pony shows, the RYDER CUP pitting 12 man teams from theUSA (can you applaud?) versus Europe. Beginning in 1921 against only ENGLAND, the competition was expanded in 1979 to include all of EUROPE who has now won 5 out of last 6 matches, played every other year. This year in MN. It has become a rather patriotic fight despite most all players live and make millions playing here. USA!!! 

With the baseball playoffs beginning, HBO's "Real Sports" takes a look at technology being introduced to replace the umpires. A Yale study, over 3 seasons and 1 million pitches, deemed the UMPS were RIGHT only 88% of the time on called pitches. When the pitch was within a 3 inch square of the strike zone, they were wrong 25.9% of the time with a preference for home teams batters. No comment from MLB but technology is replacing many jobs and why not get it right?

The New York Times columnist out with her latest book which is basically her columns over the years bashing HRC, OBAMA & W but with an interesting relationship with PAPA BUSH, '41 which is enlightening as well as provocative in regard to his relationship with '43. A good read

While historically, our debates have been nothing more than DOG & PONY shows with little effect on the election process (one exception: Ford v. Carter in '76 when "the Eastern bloc is not part of the Soviet Union" buried Ford), I did watch with interest last night. You draw your own conclusions from the various pundits, but once Trump started calling her "Secretary Clinton" and she called him "Donald," she had his ass.

An interesting dinner conservation with a prominent businessman and Trump supporter. "I don't care about those with no jobs or work shit jobs. I can tell you they don't care about me." Is that what we have come down to in this country? ME!!! I was raised to care about the less fortunate and help if I can. WTF?

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