BIKE WARS=With an increase by 20% of BIKERS on our roads in the past 3 years, we have seen nearly TWO DIE A DAY from car accidents as well as pedestrians killed. But with a net of 1.5 million new AMERICANS every year and the average COMMUTE 3-5 miles for ONE-THIRD OF US, it is a good fit. COPENHAGEN has a population of 1 million with ONE-HALF BIKING and only one fatality last year. AMSTERDAM has gone BIKE MAD (60% bike daily) with problems finding parking for all their 1 million bikes. MINNEAPOLIS leads the way here along with NYC and CHICAGO creating more bike paths but they need to be safe for all.

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER did an hour interview on the GOLF CHANNEL last night. The 61st SPEAKER is 65 years old, married with two daughters and was one of 12 OFFSPRINGS of a bar owner. Worked nights as a janitor to get through XAVIER after back injuries curtailed a brief military tour. An avid golfer (5 handicap at one time), he dissed W by saying "he is the cheapest SOB around" when paid with a $5 check for a lost NASSAU. "Social media has prevented many relationships in DC. I can not play golf with the PRESIDENT without everybody tweeting about what was going on?" Seems like a good guy but smoking at 65? WTF? 

PARENTAL BULLSHIT . . . Coffee won't stunt your growth and chocolate doesn't cause acne . . . BUT they sure told us if you SNEEZE with your eyes open, they will FALL OUT and if you keep making those CROSS-EYED faces, you will end up that way . . more to come. GREATEST GENERATION? On making up stuff! WTF?

FOOD WASTED - America wastes about 160 billion dollars worth of food a year with its SPOILAGE. Despite the common belief, there are NO LAWS about denoting food to charities. And the grocers purposely overstock their produce sections to attract buyers. AND WORSE, most of the food ends up in landfill where it creates green house gases such as methane when it rots. With nearly 41 million AMERICANS "food challenged" at some point in the year, there has to be a BETTER WAY!!! WTF?

CBS GOOD MORNING reports that the average (WTF?) AMERICAN male has 14.8 female sexual partners in HIS LIFETIME while WOMEN only have 8.6 FOLKS they bed down. I guess WILT CHAMBERLAIN, with his claim of SLEEPING WITH 10,000 women, raised the bar . . . WTF?

OMG-WTF!!! AMERICAN DREAM - NICK WOODMAN, the billionaire inventor-owner of GO-PRO cameras, was living at home when he decided to record his DARE-DEVILISH feats on camera. The 40 year old graduate of UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA- SAN DIEGO, used some duct tape to record a race car experience. He used the SALES from shell necklaces to START UP his GO-PRO company and with 200 million$ from the Taiwanese and public offering, WOODMAN is living the AMERICAN DREAM. BRAVO ZULU!!

THE FINALE in the JUSTIN CARMICHAEL TRILOGY. New cover change already before its release this weekend ON AMAZIN.COM, BARNES & NOBLE STORES and KINDLE. NET PROCEEDS donated to the NAVY-MARINE CORPS RELIEF SOCIETY (4 stars on Charity Navigator)

DUMB AND DUMBER = Both the Speaker and Majority Leader on "60 MINUTES" TONIGHT proclaiming "we want to do something about the inequality gap in this country" while admitting the economy is recovering but only "helping the so-called 1%." So how about taxing those 1%??? "That idea is deader than dead,' says the Speaker. WTF? They may know how to win elections but they don't know how to govern.


Every since DAN RATHER got his break reporting HURRICANE CARLA in 1961 in GALVESTON, TEXAS, ambitious reporters have been braving it in the high winds and blizzards of GLOBAL WARMING results. In Texas, every time a storm would hit the GULF OF MEXICO, a line of wannabees would be lined up on the shoreline. Tonight, the weather team in NYC, said they "were excited for all night coverage" as a bad blizzard moves in. WTF?? NO GUTS, NO GLORY or just plain fucking stupid?



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