THE SPYMASTERS: A Showtime documentary involving interviews with 12 former CIA DIRECTORS. Tidbits? From the time of the bin Laden bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the CIA had advocated a "para-military" invasion of Afghanistan to crush Al-Qaeda. This was ignored by the CLINTON administration and in June of 2001 when told "they are coming," CONDI RICE marginalized it. WMD in Iraq? "We were mistaken and wrong about their existence in our briefing to SOS Powell, before his United Nations speech," says former Director George Tenet. WTF??!!

ALICE WATERS, the owner of CHEZ PANISSE in CA since 1971, reports that 85% of today's children do NOT sit down at a family dinner at night. Alice has brought her culinary expertise to the classroom by starting school gardens and also beginning a campaign to "make food an education" by instituting a program where you speak Spanish when you are having Mexican food or other ethnic dishes. BRAVO ZULU!

FREEZING BALLS: On this day in October of 1965, the DODGERS beat the newly formed TWINS in the 7th game of the WORLD SERIES. They just started the LEAGUE FINAL SERIES and it may be snowing in CHICAGO (!!!!) for the WORLD SERIES if they all go SEVEN GAMES. WTF? No fun for players or fans. The PIG gets FAT, the HOG gets slaughtered.

GENE MCCARTHY: While I was in the military during the campaign of 1968, the emergence of BERNIE SANDERS reminds me of Gene McCarthy, who was a "peace candidate" after the unpopular LBJ did not run, RFK entered but was murdered in June and the CHICAGO CONVENTION debacle. While Bernie is a fun guy, I think he is a distraction to the eventual party's nominee: HILLARY CLINTON. And what happened in 1968? We got RICHARD NIXON. WTF? 

BEN CARSON: With the former famous neurosurgeon gaining in the polls, who is he? A native of DETROIT, he is 64 years old, the son of a minister, turned down WEST POINT for YALE and the MICHIGAN MEDICAL SCHOOL. A brilliant surgeon, he was the first to separate co-joined twins in1987 and the youngest to head up JOHNS HOPKINS surgery, retiring in 2013. His views? pro-life, against weed, favors a FLAT TAX, raising the SS age, restricting semi-automatic guns in cities, hates ACA but also dislikes for-profit health carriers. Since the GOP is determined to pick a nominee who has NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE, Carson is here. For Now. WTF?

EXPERIENCE. Since the campaign of 2008, we have heard the wild whale whining of the REPUBLICANS that PRESIDENT OBAMA did NOT have enough experience to be PRESIDENT. Thanks to the keen observation of the always astuteSusan Curtis Ifergan, we now find the leaders in the GOP nomination process without any political experience whatsoever. And now they will be badgering HILLARY CLINTON that she "has been around Washington too long." Please get your act or at least your rhetoric together. WTF?

MEGYN KELLY - The FOX NEWS show host of "KELLY FILES" is a stunning blonde who grew up in upstate New York, practiced law for a number of years and rose in the ranks to eventually find her own show. Her second marriage to a writer has produced three small children. She asked the tough question to TRUMP and to JEB BUSH, and deems herself an "independent," a non-practicing Catholic, and "not an issue taker." With her interview with "Charlie Rose" tonight she comes off as slightly as an Irish "brawler" awaiting a fight? No Hannity though . . . WTF?

BEN BERNANKE: The former Chair of the Federal Reserve is out with a book COURAGE TO ACT following the financial collapse beginning with the failure of LEHMAN in March of 2008 ("Fed did not have the tools to save it") and the bailout of AIG ("Congress refused to help"). Despite a warning to '43 in 2005 of the high price of housing, GENTLE BEN did not see the interconnect between the subprime mortgage debacle and the financial institutions. As a tenured professor at PRINCETON prior, after educated at HARVARD-MIT, why the fuck not? WTF?

CURIOUS CURACAO: Once one of the DUTCH ANTILLES, it is an independent country of only 150,000 folks who are well educated and lacking in poverty.Unlike the Dominican Republic where MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL has set up minor league franchises, CURACAO is left to its grass roots efforts, led by a handful of former ball players and coaches. NOW the tiny country has more MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPLAYERS, per capita, than any other region. BRAVO ZULU. Play ball!!

CLINTON CRUSADE: KATHLEEN WILEY (pictured) accused horn dog President Clinton of "groping and kissing" her in a side office of the Oval Office in 1993 when she was a "volunteer aide." She waited 5 years to make this allegation, the same day her 2nd husband committed suicide. BUBBA was cleared of the charge but now WILEY, after writing a book on the subject, is going to "stalk HILLARY CLINTON until justice is served." She doesn't mention that she wrote the President 15 letters requesting a date. This bullshit about the Clintons, particularly HILLARY, needs to stop. It serves no purpose but to avoid any serious discussion of issues. WTF?

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