MANDATORY VOTING - While many countries have laws mandating VOTING, BRAZIL has gone too far with nominating so many bogus candidates to destroy the mandate. SATAN, OSAMA BIN LADEN are candidates this coming week. In one election, they elected a RHINO to the city council of Saul Paulo. Such might be an improvement over the GOP, however?

DRUGS = "60 MINUTES" reports AMERICANS are paying 50-80% more for their drugs than CANADA, EUROPE and/or AUSTRALIA. WTF? Some cancer DOCTORS are fighting the cause for reducing the costs of some DRUGS which can run over 100K a year but SAVE YOUR LIFE.

There is an election in a month and while OUR approval rating of our present CONGRESS is 8%, nearly 98% of our CONGRESSPERSONS will be reelected. WTF? Many of US liberals will blame gerrymandering but the fact remains, when 30% of the electorate VOTES, nothing much changes.

IF THE NFL didn't have enough problems with CONCUSSIONS and FEMALE ABUSE, now they seem related? PAUL OLIVER, a five year cornerback with the CHARGERS, was a loving hubby with two kids until he suffered three concussions. Then he became a "MONSTER" in his widow's terms. 

INNOCENT BYSTANDER MOVING TO THE NEW HAVEN REGISTER where they are actually going to pay me for this bullshit? OMG-WTF will appear on FB via Twitter on occasion. Stay thirsty my FRIENDS?

DAMN GAS STATIONS = WTF is with this charging me 6 cents more per gallon to use a credit card? It is against CT (and MA & NY) law to "add a surcharge for the use of a credit card over cash or check." BUT, per CT Statutes 42-133ff, it is not ILLEGAL to give discounts for cash by the buyer? WTF? So I get a discount at the STOP & SHOP for buying milk with cash?? Goddamn OIL PATCH.DAMN GAS STATIONS = WTF is with this charging me 6 cents more per gallon to use a credit card?

REUNIONS = My deceased brother's class just had their 50TH REUNION and once again, they continue with their phony baloney memorials to those dead. My CLASS publishes an ongoing list of those gone. I have nothing against memorials but when half the class didn't talk or even acknowledge many on the list WHILE they were IN high school, I find it fake and pretentious to hail them as brethren . . . a trait we despised in our own parents. WTF?

NATION'S PAST-TIME = The METS - BRAVES game tonight decided to CLOCK the amount of time spent with batters stepping out of the BATTER'S BOX. 23.8 MINUTES !!!! wasted as we watched players readjust their batting gloves, scratch their crotch and other unworthy wastes of our time. ENFORCE the MLB rule: 602B clearly states a batter may not, arbitrarily, remove himself from said box. PLAY BALL!!!!!

POLITICAL EMAILS = Lordy, lordy, gave some money to HILLARY and the Democratic Party sends me 50 emails a day telling me their woes. I am not sure how Speaker of the House BONER's lawsuit requires more of my money? WTF? I have worked every campaign since 1972, bug off! STOP IT already with the money grubbing

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL SYNDROME = WTF? Indeed, such symptoms include lack of energy, sore muscles, rapid heart beat, general tiredness and upset stomach. Sounds like post-coitus syndrome for a BOOMER? I knew of one fellow 3rd grader, back in the Stone AGE, who got so nervous she couldn't take tests. The teachers fell for it foot, line and sinker. Thought it was the best con going. If you think school is bad, wait until you have to work!

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