This exhaustive, expensive and divisive circus of selecting our candidates of EACH party is pretty stupid. Since the debacle of 1968, both parties have implemented rules and regulations that barely bind any delegate for voting for whom WE VOTED. While nobody much cares about it when it is not primary season, it is time for reform . . . or the emergence of a 3rd party? WTF?

While I realize that over 1 million fetuses are aborted each year in the United States and my ex-wife and me decided against such a procedure when she got pregnant before our marriage, I am reminded of two seventeen (17) year old teenagers who committed suicide in 1966, my senior year in high school because she was pregnant. Super kids, terrible tragedy

My lady and I went to a rather large dinner-dance tonight, mostly Boomers. While I love to dance and hardly claim to be Fred Astaire, MOST MEN SUCK at dancing. I asked my table-mate WHY? She responded: "Because women have the rhythm." That didn't make much sense because most of the great musicians are men. So WTF?

Remember when your MOM sent you to the store to get some MILK? There was chocolate or regular . . . now, HOLY BATMAN?!! My lady asked me to get some "LIGHT BULBS" at the store. You need a Ph'd to figure out what kind and what wattage now. ORANGE JUICE? 15 brands of PULP, NO PULP, LOW ACID, FOR KIDS. No wonder husbands are on their gadgets calling home to make sure what to get. WTF?

Good ole Oklahoma is shaking and moving (and not from the casinos) but from the injected shit water from the acquisition of crude oil. So all the hoopla from the ANTI-FRACKING quacks is bullshit, But, since the OIL PATCH overproduced, over inflating the price of a barrel of crude, production is way down anyway so WTF? 

Watching a replay of The Donald on "Meet the Press" this morning, he flip flopped on taxes, the minimum wage and HRC within the span of ten minutes. Lord, if the Democrats can get their act together, this should be a landslide? But they won't. '68, '80 all over again . . . feeling the Burn on my ass.

So the GOP was attempting to "overthrow" the Donald at the convention and now possibly disavow his "policies" for they don't align with theirs? And Bernie Sanders is attempting to sway Super Delegates despite their initial pledge to HRC? WTF? A strong argument by "Newsweek" that we have certainly lost our way.

While our imperialistic wars ain't going so great, our War on Drugs is even worse with PRESCRIPTION DRUGS now the drugs of choice with our population (5% of world's) consuming 75% of all such drugs. And most are opium related which indicates to one expert that WE are "a depressive society" resulting from the inequality of our beloved capitalism.

While The Donald seems to have it locked up, Hillary Clinton can't seem to shake Bernie Sanders. While many, including myself, would like to see the VT Senator drop out, HRC did not drop out until 4 days after the last primary in 2008 and from April to June was pretty nasty toward President Obama. That said, HRC did leave the Reverend Wright issue alone and also PLEDGED to help the Democratic nominee in the general election which she did. I don't hear that from Bernie. WTF?

While we seem befuddled in our political process, someone mentioned "what do you expect from a 5th grade education electorate?" It turns out that 88% of all Americans graduated high school and/or got a GED with 33% of men-women having a college education. So WTF?

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