THE FINALE in the JUSTIN CARMICHAEL TRILOGY. New cover change already before its release this weekend ON AMAZIN.COM, BARNES & NOBLE STORES and KINDLE. NET PROCEEDS donated to the NAVY-MARINE CORPS RELIEF SOCIETY (4 stars on Charity Navigator)

DUMB AND DUMBER = Both the Speaker and Majority Leader on "60 MINUTES" TONIGHT proclaiming "we want to do something about the inequality gap in this country" while admitting the economy is recovering but only "helping the so-called 1%." So how about taxing those 1%??? "That idea is deader than dead,' says the Speaker. WTF? They may know how to win elections but they don't know how to govern.


Every since DAN RATHER got his break reporting HURRICANE CARLA in 1961 in GALVESTON, TEXAS, ambitious reporters have been braving it in the high winds and blizzards of GLOBAL WARMING results. In Texas, every time a storm would hit the GULF OF MEXICO, a line of wannabees would be lined up on the shoreline. Tonight, the weather team in NYC, said they "were excited for all night coverage" as a bad blizzard moves in. WTF?? NO GUTS, NO GLORY or just plain fucking stupid?



As of 3:20 a.m. but which way is it going?

As of 3:20 a.m. but which way is it going?


114TH CONGRESS: Republicans hold the greatest majority since the 1920's in this new CONGRESS with a 246-188 HOUSE majority and a 54-44-2 lead in the SENATE. Only 104 are women (18%), 20% are over 60 years old and 25% are brand spanking new. Despite the dissension with the election of the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, Republicans seems to be playing nice with the media with MARK RUBIO and COREY GARDNER on the tube tonight with all sorts of ideas? The first real test will not be KEYSTONE but the HOMELAND SECURITY budget renewal come FEBRUARY?

SPENDING !! The POLITICAL RIGHT seems to be so worried about how much welfare recipients are getting and/or how much illegal immigrants are costing us in social programs. WTF? 75 cents of every budget dollar is spent on ENTITLEMENTS and/or the MILITARY. With 73 million BOOMERS and a Congress in love with WAR and its TOOLS, focusing on the discretionary 25 cents seems to rather naive? Solution? BRING ALL THE TROOPS HOME TO rebuild our infrastructure.

Born on JANUARY 15TH, today is his DAY. 50 YEARS AGO, on this day, he suffered through the violence and hatred of SELMA. A non-violent Warrior

MANDATORY VOTING - While many countries have laws mandating VOTING, BRAZIL has gone too far with nominating so many bogus candidates to destroy the mandate. SATAN, OSAMA BIN LADEN are candidates this coming week. In one election, they elected a RHINO to the city council of Saul Paulo. Such might be an improvement over the GOP, however?

DRUGS = "60 MINUTES" reports AMERICANS are paying 50-80% more for their drugs than CANADA, EUROPE and/or AUSTRALIA. WTF? Some cancer DOCTORS are fighting the cause for reducing the costs of some DRUGS which can run over 100K a year but SAVE YOUR LIFE.

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