Since funeral homes came into existence after 1910, a total ripoff has transpired. With 2.5 million Americans dying each year with an average funeral cost of 10K, it is a 25 billion buck business. Caskets and urns are routinely marked up 200% and in one's time of sorrow, are you going to barter? Or like me, you can donate your body to science for nothing but the cost of a big Glad bag. WTF?

 Just received my order of my JAMMIE'S OLYMPIC TEAM USA shirt. Nice but made in Guatemala? WTF?

As the top four golfers have pulled out of the 2016 RIO DE JANEIRO OLYMPICS, you have to wonder WTF? Rio is in the midst of an economic bust, their President impeached, out 11 billion bucks (1/2 public financing) on 56 new projects, with 60,000 murders a year, is it worth it for all concerned? Most of the athletes in 28 sports and 306 events are professional now with the glory of OLYMPIC GOLD more about endorsements than pride for one's country as the hosting country goes broke. WTF?

Since it appears integration has not worked and we still wear the burden of slavery in our souls, perhaps we should look where integration has worked and that is the MILITARY where it has been successful. As such, how about instituting a mandatory 2 year commitment for all 18 year kids for military or community service, where they can actually intermingle and get to know other races?

Evan Osnos reports that, despite 130 mass shootings THIS year, our gun culture "is the most polarized it has ever been." The Senate vote yesterday confirms such but interesting, following the Orlando massacre, SMITH & WESSON stock went up 10% the next day and while many use the excuse that they buy guns because "the government can not protect us," the chance of being involved in a mass shooting is less than being hit by lightning with public health officials warnings that "guns do not make you safer necessarily." And while a 2005 law protects gun manufacturers, until certain circumstances, from lawsuits, liberals such as Bloomberg promises the use of NRA tactics in endorsing-financing certain candidates on the state and federal level. WTF?

A "B" movie about the incredible 1936 BERLIN OLYMPICS where we find JESSE OWENS winning four gold medals undermining HITLER'S desire to show off a recovered Nazi Germany with the backdrop of two Jewish runners prohibited from running while the USA Olympic head putting profit above patriotism. 80 years ago this summer.

A feel good story on REAL SPORTS about a program started in Philadelphia to enable kids from the inner city to work the horse stables and then learn to play polo. The program started by LEZLIE HINER has produced some super polo players including KAREEM ROSSER who is the Collegiate Player of the Year at COLORADO STATE. Bravo Zulu! 

According to the Department of Defense and VA . . . 407,300 American military personnel died during WWII, 54,246 died in the Korean War, 90,220 in Vietnam, 1,565 in the Persian Gulf War and 6,852 during our Global War on Terror. Many may debate the wisdom of their sacrifice but this weekend is devoted to their memory as AMERICANS. BRAVO ZULU.

DR. OZ, my favorite quack, had a noteworthy show today regarding kids reading. It is estimated that children, 0-5 years old, only read 30 HOURS in that early time span of life. My mother, a pioneer in the Head Start program, maintained that kids should be in full day school by the age of three. UPS, WIC and others have established a program to get books to young kids to read. BRAVO ZULU.

"FRONTLINE" with a documentary on the post-SANDY debacle. Flood insurance was "too risky" after the big floods of the 50's-60's, so Congress enacted the NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE which would be a public-private entity to aid victims of disasters. In 1968, some insurance carriers were booted from the agency but REAGAN brought them back in after FEMA was founded in 1979. Then came KATRINA in 2005 which bankrupted the system. So with SANDY, victims were SYSTEMICALLY UNDERPAID on their losses with carriers, who processed the claims, making over 400 million in profits. WTF?

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