Carl's latest book, "Rogue Terrorist Fudge", is the fourth in the Tug Christian series. Former Marine Recon assassin, Tug Christian, returns to a military Black Operation finding and destroying a ISIS cell in the West Virginia mountains. Join his gal Scooter in the plot driven, often mis-adventures, of our recurring hero, Tug. 


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Carl Addison Swanson is the award winning and best selling author of the Hush McCormick series . He recently published four Tug Christian spy novels: "Deadly Yellow Cake", Poison Humble Pie, Killer Cookie Dough" and "Rogue Terrorist Fudge". Prior to that he published a collection of short stories, "Love: The Four Letter Word", and "Death is Hereditary". The Hush series include "Sorry Don't Pay the Bulldog",  "Pig in a Poke" and "Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap". The latter two novels have been optioned to the motion picture industry.  His novels also include the more recent "Double Parked in the Twilight Zone: Summer of 1960" and "Free Fall in a No Fly Zone: Autumn of 1967" which have also received critical acclaim and wide readership. After decades in Texas, Carl Addison Swanson has returned to his hometown of Westport, Connecticut to live and write.